Proactive instruction-based open shop model

Pilot project - R-Urban, Colombes-FR
Project developed during a residency (2013-15) within the urban project R-Urban, in collaboration with Aaa - Atelier d'architecture autogérée

The pilot project sought to begin a process of experimentation and prod-action, mobilising different actors in the local area to participate in collective practices of flexible, small-scale production for the creation of new product eco- systems. Prod-actions can be understood as a proactive instruction-based shop model for an open peer-to-peer community shop where retailing becomes a new active space to collect recycled materials, cultivate interests, create knowledge and exchange skills. The groups use the common spaciality of Agrocité as a collective workshop where they can informally experiment together starting from diverse backgrounds to then develop instruction and DIY kits including cooking, baking, textiles, repairing, gardening, etc. in order to share and disseminate further knowledge and actions through a common system.
By working with the available found resources within the community, the production process attempts to strengthen the internal fabric of the local urban setting as actors begin to see their community as host to a multiplicity of diverse assets ; including alternative sources for materials, manual skills, local economic circuits, as well as the less visible assets of knowledge, culture, passion and practices of care.
In this sense, the pilot project can be seen to be paving the way for more resilient communities, through enrolling a pro-active involvement of its inhabitants, facilitating cooperation and participation, creating new cycles of interests, knowledge and prod-action, as well as stimulating consciousness with new economic an ecological practices.