Workshop, part of the exhibition'WERKSTADT VIENNA, 2012'

Commissioned by Studio Makkink & Bey, Mak Vienna, Departure
in collaboration with Irma Foldenyi

What if Vienna’s 1st district became a workplace for manufacturing?
Imagine an inner city as a campus site, where living, working, and exchange of knowledge come together. How do we expose the potential of a specific site?
How can we make new connections between different producers, sellers, services, workers, buyers and consumers? The workshop investigated and indicated all the companies, services etc. And discovered potentials and models of local manufactories.The journey through the project itself is the product of the assignment. The focus was on research and the determination of qualities. The production line of the process was re-evaluated and more services in the ‘campus’ were used in the project. Instead of large factories in the city’s periphery bringing their products into the city center, cluttering its roads, the workshop aims to think about small, specialized units spread throughout the city. Slocial Manufactory - Wi·kirchen (75).jpg