Unexpected circuits

Pilot project in Ghent-BE, 2014
In collaboration with Timelab
Visual documentation Jeroen Lambertyn
Camera: Narrative, the Narrative camera is a tiny camera and GPS - It’s an entirely new kind of digital camera with no controls.

A strategy to activate existing service structures to create unexpected learning circuits and enhance local encountering.
The system aims to support new learning opportunities through a network of existing local services.
Residents subscribe a membership with the local shops such as plants shop, pet shop, record shop etc. and start engaging with an ever-changing frameworks of resources.
The focus is on the knowledge exchange and commoning rather than the purchase and possession; thereby for example, instead of buying one plant, you have the possibility to take care for limited periods of different plants and therefore learn how to take care of a richer variety.
Retail becomes the space to cultivate new interests, mixing different social groups and defining a new knowledge-based network between shop owners and residents.
Service Encounters has been created and prototyped in the neighbourhood of Gentbrugge in Ghent ( BE ) in collaboration with Timelab.